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Prenatal Massage

Pregnancy Massagesports taping helps decrease the pressure on the pelvic, help decrease lower back pain.

Prenatal massage for mom-to-be provides relaxation by relieving stress on joints.It eases the neck and back pain, help to keep good posture and relaxe the MOMS by providing flexibility to birthing muscles.this type of massage releives all sort of lower back pain, sciatica, upper back pain, fluid retention, stress, headaches and shoulder pain.


Prenatal Massage includse:

  • Tranquil relaxation and reduce stress
  • Relief from muscle cramps, spasms, and myofascial pain, especially in the lower back, neck, hips, and legs
  • Increase in blood and lymph circulation, which can reduce swelling
  • Reduces stress on weight-bearing joints
  • Improves outcome of labor and eases labor pain
  • Enhances the pliability of skin and underlying tissues
  • Provides support for the new mother with physical and emotional strains of mothering