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Back and Sciatica Pain Relieved

“I am so grateful to have met Adnan over 7 years ago. At the time I was experiencing some back and sciatica problems. After only one treatment Adnan relieved all of my pain. Since then I have committed to seeing Adnan on a regular basis which has greatly improved my mobility for squash. Adnan goes above and beyond any traditional therapists service. I wholeheartedly endorse Adnan.”

Matt Bishop #1 Ranked Squash Player in NS, and 2008 Canadian 30+ National Champion.

Help for Pain from Herniated Discs

“I’ve had a couple of herniated discs in my lower back for the last 15 years, and every so often, they get very angry and it’s no fun for anyone. At times like these, Adnan has always been there to help out, often at very short notice or after hours. He’s a true professional, an expert in many different types of massage, and has a comfortable home-based massage studio with a relaxing steam shower. His deep tissue massage is sometimes not the most comfortable experience, but it’s very effective and leaves your muscles feeling much better right away. To top it off, Adnan is a great guy, a busy dad, and a frequent volunteer at many different events around our community. If you’re in need of a massage, please give him a call – I recommend him highly.”

Michael Parsons Former Research Scientist at Natural Resources Canada (BIO)

Extremely Effective, Helped Significantly

“When I was training with the Dalhousie Cross Country team during my undergraduate degree, I frequently saw Adnan for tightness in my back which was causing frequent headaches and migraines. Adnan always made time to see me, even if it was a last minute request. He has a thorough knowledge about the science of massage and will adjust his techniques based on what he thinks is best to treat your injury or problem area. I felt that his deep tissue massage was extremely effective and significantly helped with the tension in my back. Additionally, Adnan is a great person who is easy to talk to! I would highly recommend him to any friend of mine seeking massage therapy, which I’ve done in the past and only heard good things!”

Kelly Biagi TA Mcmaster University, Former Cross Country player (Dalhousie University)

Solves Problems

“Adnan was one of the best therapist that I work with. He knows where the problem is coming from and then he solves them. In only one session your body feels much better. We are lucky to have him around.”

Borja Golan # 16 World Ranked Squash Player 2016

Best Treatment Ever

“Thanks Adnan for your support and your expertise during the years I attend Bluenose Squash Tournament since 2010 to the present. My first treatment from you was the best I ever received!

Laurens Angel Anjema # 9 World Ranked Squash 2012

Massage Therapy for Sports Professionals

“I had the opportunity to meet Adnan at the Bluenose Squash Classic 2013-14 where he was providing private massage therapy recovery sessions for the pro players.
I was doing daily massages with him after my matches and I felt incredible after them. I have had so many massages in my life but he is on top of my list – really professional, technical and beneficial after doing hard work.
In 2014 I almost got to the point of feeling pain free because of his extraordinary job and powerful hands.”

Miguel Rodriguez #4 World Ranked Squash Player 2015

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